Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Come On and Sneak a Peek

Next January, Gallery 1988 (Los Angeles) is having a Stan Lee show, which I am excited to be contributing to. I've been throwing ideas around in my head and doing sketches for this ever since Jensen asked me to do it, and now I finally have a finished drawing. The painting itself should not be too far off.

So here is Rogue, watering the flower-men she can never have (sniffle!), while being consumed by the personalities that she absorbs. The quilt border is for the South, with home-sweet-home in the back. I still might use the quilt squares for a second narrative, but whatever the pattern is, I'm going to keep it simple and secondary.

1 comment:

sarah said...

amazing! this is beautiful and i am just wondering what you use to make your art peices? pencil, watercolor? how do you come up with these great ideas. they really remind me of an alice in wonderlandish ..