Thursday, October 11, 2007


"Open. " Acrylic on board. About 15 hours or less?

Here's my story for the week. Monday is "post about environmental awareness" day, so maybe I was getting a head start. I love figuring out a painting as I go. Just a drawing to go by, and a color scheme that ends up changing completely.


Elizabeth Metz said...

this is absolutely stunning. The imagery is brilliant, but I also love your style and technique. Nicely done!

bluerose9062 said...

I love this one!

Mia said...

thanks, guys!

prince of cake. said...

hi :)

is she feeding the flower ice cream?

what's post about environmental awareness day? other than the obvious.

Mia said...

why hello, your highness.
haha, it could be melted ice cream, I guess! :P


Andrés Gustavo Fernández said...

Mía, congratulations for your works.
Lets visit my Poetry & Art blog. The best artlinks are there.

An embrace from Argentina.

Mia said...

thanks, andrés. wow, the home country! my folks are from there :)

Monica Grue said...

wow mia 15 hrs is fast! love this one. the melted ice cream is such a cool idea.

i just realized that your sister designed for nike for the senior show. i was one of the 2 students who worked on the graphics for that one! her designs are awesome. :D

Mia said...

Hi monica, glad you like :)
Yeah, my sister did an awesome outfit for Nike in junior year. I didn't know you did that animation! Too cool. Oh, and she says thanks for the compliment! ^^

Monica Grue said...

woops, junior not senior! ur welcome. :D