Saturday, October 6, 2007

Work, Work, Work

Here are some new character studies for more paintings. Exciting News: Asia ( and I are going to be featured in a show together in Thinkspace Gallery this February! Also, look out for our work in the upcoming Cannibal Flower exhibitions (more details on that later)! I'm dying to create more work, and I'm going to be busier than ever for the rest of the year: perfect. Now I can see more of a clear-cut path.


choper nawers said...

wow..mia your work is really good to..thanx for stoping by at my blog....y si hablas españ gracias...Saludos desde Culiacán!

Monica Grue said...

yay.....! hey mia, your work's looking awesome. you do so much too! always inspiring. btw thanks for the plug :D

Mia said...

si, hablo español :) mi familia es de argentina..(mi hermana y yo somos primer generación estadounidenses)
muchísimas gracias--
keep in touch!

Mia said...

Hey Monica! I finally did the linking and commenting thing! thanks for checking by :)