Friday, November 30, 2007

Taking a Little Break to Post This...

Flowers of Romance
Originally uploaded by Michelle Mia Araujo
Here's the "Flowers of Romance" piece, back in my hands again before leaving for Alpha Cult next week. There are a few real leaves in there, but 95% of them are silk flowers, gessoed and stained to perfection to make them look like they're dead and dying. They are glued securely with E6000, so they're not going anywhere!

My studio is a war-zone: do not enter! It's the real-deal stage. I begin painting next Monday, and have only this weekend to finish up all of the color comps, trace-transfers, and last-minute drawing fix-ups. I made the mistake this week of plunging headfirst into a painting that I didn't have figured out, and ended up wasting time instead of saving any. So I now know to trust the way I work. There's nothing wrong with having a method. Sometimes I second-guess myself, and this is the sort of thing that happens.

But overall, it was a good week. A lot of work done. Seeing the drawings come to life in the color-comp stage is thrilling, and now I am excited to start painitng. Bet this is fun: watch me do the number thing again. We're down to 8 for February, and 15 for April. Again, I'd rather get work done than spend time posting all of my drawings, but I promise to post some... eventually.

On a last note, if you haven't seen Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights", go rent it now. It is one of my very favorite films in the world, and easily one of the best ever made! Pure genius. I could watch silent films forever. Ok...back to work!


Monica Grue said...

wow nice job getting those flowers to work. bet that wasn't easy to do... looks great ^_^

Mia said...

thanks monica! it was tough designing it, because they would fly all over the place as I rearranged them! ..and dumbing them down enough so they didn't look brand new and fake... haha.