Thursday, December 13, 2007

Little Things

This is a song illustration for Hanne Hukkelberg's "Little Girl," from her album titled "Little Things." The lyrics would make an incredible series of small paintings. And I would totally do it if I wasn't so overworked already!

Sigh. It seems like only yesterday that it was last Thursday. Why is the year in such a hurry to be over?

I noticed that I haven't said what I've been up to all week: let's see. I finished my first painting for the Cannibal Flower show last week, and began the 2nd one this week. I should be able to finish it tomorrow. In addition, I have a few side projects that I'm always working on (my weekends, for example, are entirely devoted to these side projects). So there you have it.

Until next time!


aeneadellaluna said...

I Like this aproach!I wish it was a little bit larger on the blog! But you can see it upclose!

Rui Sousa said...

great work, very nice.

StunningLemon said...

Amazing details and I love the idea! Very conceptual and illustrated very nicely. Awesome job!

prince of cake. said...

the kissy flowers are cute.

Mia said...

aeneadellaluna: thanks so much! yeah, it's a bit small, but I guess it's another "little thing" ^^

rui sousa: thanks, new friend :)

stunninglemon: cool name! thanks :)

prince of cake: kissy? they're whistling! hahaha