Friday, December 19, 2008

Next piece...

Here is the drawing for my next painting. She's not part of the witch theme (that's for the 1988 show). This will be a 7"x7" for a special group show in February, more details soon!

Just realized that I rarely show drawings for upcoming paintings; in fact the last one I shared was back in May or something for the Distinction Gallery piece! Another rare thing-- it's not on tracing paper like 99% of my final drawings, heh.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thank you...!

like this image? so do i. and it belongs to Coilhouse.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the opening on Tuesday night, and to those of you who bought a painting from the show! I had a wonderful time meeting and getting to know some of you there, and can't wait to be back in July for more. And of course, many thanks to Jan, Bruce, Richard, and David for working like mad and getting me there in the first place.

I can't believe that this is it for 2008! I will be spending the rest of December drawing-- getting back to the roots, coming up with ideas, and trying new things. Of course that's the simple plan...the real list of goals is absolutely crazy, but I think I can manage it. Maybe I'll post stuff from my sketchbooks, since I don't really do that a lot. But in case I disappear on you all, have some wonderful holidays and all that good stuff!


Monday, December 1, 2008

A few more worth mentioning...

Featured headline at Illustration Mundo, upcoming event at Yahoo!, Donut Chocula, and a recommendation from the terrific Sour Harvest blog.

See y'all tomorrow night!

Friday, November 28, 2008

"Illuminate" this Week

My 3-Person show at Corey Helford, opening this Tuesday, Dec. 2nd. If you are on facebook, you can rsvp here. I will have all the images up soon, as well as a blurb on each, but for now:

"Anatomy of a Somnambulist" 12 x 16" Acrylic on wood.
Submerged in sleep, a somnambulist that has been sleep-walking for years, and whose dream-scapes have created a habitat about her.

"And Dream of Sheep" 5" x 5" Acrylic on wood.
The dreamer sees Morpheus, Hypnos, and Phobetor (the gods of dreams, sleep, and nightmare respectively) sowing poppies and riding sheep.

This show deals with the most important journey of the hero/heroine in any story: the difficult and dangerous task of self-discovery. I chose an underwater realm as the stage, since the ocean is rife with mystery, adventure, and the excitement of discovery.

Like searching for a shipwreck, these characters discover a land of forgotten and lost treasures that lie submerged in their subconscious-- the world they enter in sleep. This dream world is the same inner realm of childhood, inhabited by other portions of themselves, by potentialities they have never realized, and the undiscovered dangers and wonder of their personalities.

I referenced a few stories of famous "sleepers" like Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, the Twelve Dancing Princesses, and Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream. In all of their magical slumbers, there is a death of the real world in order for the fantastical world to be born. I tried to create an ambiguity in these pieces that connote danger, darkness, fear, and death, but also life, beauty, wonder, and fantasy.

Thanks for all the nods:

Many thanks for the awesome "Arrested Motion" folks for offering me my first interview, as well as previewing my 3-person show!

Juxtapoz's article on the show here.

Also ArtMoco, ArtSlant, EvilMonito, THE Magazine LA, SlamXHype, and Swell City Guide.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

La! My Next Show...

I will have 9 pieces in this show come December, my largest output since April. These are also the most detailed pieces I've ever done, and I'm really happy with how they're turning out! Be sure to check back for the rest of the images, and for some background on what the pieces are about.

Tell your friends! This show will only be up for a week, so please try to swing by if you are in the LA area. It would mean a lot to me :)

p.s.: In case I haven't said so already, I'll be going by just Mia from here on out in my gallery work, but I'm keeping my three names on the blog/website/flickr/etc. for clarity's sake.

Thanks, xxx

Thursday, October 23, 2008

After a Long Absense...

...I tend to go missing in action sometimes. I can't believe it's been a month already since my last post!

I'm a bit overdue on my shout-outs, so this might be a bit more of a list than I want it to be:

Back in August, Distinction Gallery's owner Melissa was kind enough to send me the local paper that covered the show and used my piece on the front page! (above)

The Society Of Illustrators finally sent out the Mark Murphy book for the accepted entries from a few years ago-- I have three pages in it with some of my junior year work that I did at Otis.

The awesome folks over at Arrested Motion (my new favorite blog-site) have a blurb on the Ad Hoc show, and a full photo-coverage here. Thanks to them I got to see my pieces framed and in the context of the show, since I wasn't able to make the opening. Huge thank-yous to those of you who bought a piece and to those who went to the show!! Next year, New York, I will finally meet you! : )

Juxtapoz did a small post before the show as well. And Andrew from Ad Hoc has some nice shots on his flickr account.

That's it for now. Thanks everybody! And special big thanks to everyone who has sent kind support and good thoughts my way this past month. I will post a preview image for the CHG show very soon...maybe next week.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ad Hoc Show - Looong Post!

So here we go...all five pieces for "In the Language of Angels" at Ad Hoc Art in New York, opening October 24th and exhibiting for a full month. (

As I said in an earlier post, this show is based on the 1,001 Nights, so it was a lot of fun for me. The 3 largest pieces are based on 3 different kinds of women from the stories. I'll go through each one and give a bit of story background.

"Scheherazade and the 1,001 Nights" 18" x 24" Acrylic on wood.
This is the biggest painting I've ever done. (unless you count art school shenanigans, and none were nearly as detailed as this, nor do they really count anyways!)

Scheherazade, if you recall from my Wikipedia lesson, was the vizier's daughter who offered herself as a bride to the murderous King Shahryar, and told him stories for 1,001 nights. She's the loyal woman out of the three, although she had to fight hard to convince the king that she wasn't the treacherous kind. Some of the images in her hair and all over the piece are references to the actual stories, while others are symbolic of aspects of the situation and her character.

The funny thing about this (and all my paintings) is that a lot of the details are planned, a lot of them are spontaneous and random, and some of them surprise me in the end in their actual relevance to the story, despite my lack of intention.

"The Queen" 12" x 16" Acrylic on wood.
Here we have King Shahryar's first wife, the one who deceived him and goaded him to not only kill her but also hundreds of innocent virgins.

"Morgiana and the 40 Thieves" 12 x16" oval. Acrylic on wood.
Most people know the story of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves (and the famous "open sesame!"), but I think the story is really about Morgiana, his slave girl. When the leader of the thieves came to dine with Ali Baba, and the 40 thieves hid themselves in oil jars in the backyard, it was the clever Morgiana who discovered the jug-thieves and poured scalding oil into each one, killing them. Then she went to entertain the guests, and stabbed the leader right in the middle of her dance. So Morgiana is the woman in this threesome who was deceitful in order to be loyal to her master.

"The Ship-Wrecked Woman and Her Child" 5" x 5" Acrylic on wood.
One of Scheherazade's stories was about a pregnant shipwrecked woman who gave birth while being washed ashore an island. Shortly after giving birth, she encountered a treacherous wild man who threatened her and threw her child into the sea. In her despair, she prayed to Allah and a huge water serpent rescued the child and devoured the man. Crazy story!

"Two Virgins" 5" x 5" Acrylic on wood.
And I already showed this one, but these are two of the virgins threatened by Shahryar. I wanted to leave this piece mysterious and ambiguous as to the many possible stories of these women, since the other 4 seem somewhat set in stone. Just a nice contrast to the defined women and the told-about women.

Finally, here's the flyer for Saturday's Meltdown show, courtesy of Anthony Ausgang. Juxtapoz did a writeup on the show too! If you'd like to see the show preview, go here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


To read the details, click that image. My bad for not making the type legible at thumbnail size!

For those of you patiently waiting for prints: your time has come! I'm releasing a very limited 20 each of these three pieces (media, size, & prices are on that flyer thing up there). I will not be selling these online, so if you want one please contact Gaston of Meltdown Comics: 1.323.851.7223 or

Oh, looks like I plunged into this without an introduction! Most of you probably know about this anyway, but for the record:
Otis College of Art and Design is turning 90 this year, and as part of the festivities, Anthony Ausgang has curated a group show of Otis alumni, opening on October 4th at 7pm, and showing for the entire month at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. As a proud alum, I will be showing these three prints at the show. One of each will be beautifully framed for the wall, and the remaining 19 unframed prints will be available for sale. Get on the waiting list for the two on the right though, because the unframed ones will be late for the opening (but they'll be there for the rest of the month).

A painting update: My Corey Helford paintings are underway and I am SO excited for this show! The theme is crazy and detailed, and I'm just having a blast painting these pieces. My hand has been behaving, but it's taking a while to get used to taking breaks, haha. Reading lots of amazing audiobooks, and keeping busy as usual : )

I'll leak the Ad Hoc pieces once I ship them to NY. Sorry for the delay!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Long post for a long absence

It's been almost a month since my last post, but quite a bit has happened to slow me down:

It looks like carpal tunnel is rearing its ugly head (to use a hackneyed phrase), so I'm wearing a wrist splint, taking breaks, and trying to teaching my right hand to gesso, do under-painting, and tiny highlights. Luckily though, my fellow painters say it happens to everyone, so it's just something I would have had to deal with sooner or later.

Good news: I'm done with the NY show, and am sending the batch off to photograph!
I did my first ever 18" x 24", which is huge for the miniaturist-me, so it took three weeks to finish. Funny that it also took me three weeks back in March to finish my then-largest, 15"x 20". Maybe that's a standard or something!

To make a long story longer, I'm about a month behind on the Corey Helford show, so I've had some plan-changes in order to keep the amount of detail that I want in each. And also to be able to take my time on each piece : ) I started the first one this week, and it's going pretty good. I admit that I botched one CHG painting that I had started last month. Wasn't feeling it, so I sanded it down and re-gessoed to save panels. It happens a lot. I'll have a batch of drawings ready to paint, and then a few weeks later I'll dump the entire thing, or make size changes, or rework half. I used to consider that a bad thing, but now I'm thankful because it makes the final pieces that much better than the first round would have been!

Thanks to all of you who have expressed interest in prints: I'll be releasing very limited editions of 3 or 4 different pieces in early October. Otis is turning 90, so we're having an alumni gallery show at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood on October 4th! Unfortunately, no originals from me, but the good news is that the prints are coming : )
There will be one framed print for each piece, and the rest will be available for purchase unframed. More details later, but let me tell you: the first proof came in this week, and it looks fantastic!

I'll put up more previews for the NY show once the hi-res files come in, so until next time...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thank you kindly...

Just taking a minute to acknowledge those who've acknowledged me : )

Thanks to Hi-Fructose for showing my humble piece for Project 57 on their website, among the likes of Audrey Kawasaki, Tara McPherson, Scott Musgrove, and Nathan Ota. They were also very kind to preview my piece for the Hi-Fructose-Copro Nason group show before the opening back in July.

A few months ago, a Norwegian handbag company, Gadino, asked for my permission to use my images on the catalog for their new collection. Thank you, Hilde : )

Thanks, IllustrationMundo, for putting me on the Editor's Favorites section.

And many thanks to Gollus for asking my permission to feature me on his blog.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Early Sneak Peak...

"Two Virgins"
5" x 5"
Acrylic on wood.

Here is one of the pieces I will have at Ad Hoc Art in October this year for the 6-Person show that I'll be a part of, "In the Language of Angels."
Ad Hoc Art. Ny. Oct 08.

I'm basing my pieces for that show on the 1,001 Nights. I heard the tales on audiobook a couple of months ago, and was immediately flooded with imagery and ideas for paintings! So for those of you that don't know the story, here is some background from Wikipedia:

"The main frame story concerns a Persian king and his new bride. The king, Shahryar, upon discovering his former wife's infidelity has her executed and then declares all women to be unfaithful. He begins to marry a succession of virgins only to execute each one the next morning. Eventually the vizier cannot find any more virgins. Scheherazade, the vizier's daughter, offers herself as the next bride and her father reluctantly agrees. On the night of their marriage, Scheherazade tells the king a tale, but does not end it. The king is thus forced to keep her alive in order to hear the conclusion. The next night, as soon as she finishes the tale, she begins (and only begins) another. So it goes for 1,001 nights."

...until he pardons her. The most interesting thing I found was that through her stories, Scheherazade was trying to teach him love and understanding, and that women are not all deceitful like his first wife. My largest pieces will deal with the three main kinds of women in Scheherazade's stories: the loyal woman, the deceitful woman, and one woman who had to be deceptive in order to be loyal. The piece I posted above concerns two of the virgins, and the last piece will treat another main female character from the tales.

These past weeks I've been finishing up those pieces, and also sketching and coming up with final drawings for the Corey Helford show at the end of the year. I really need to spend some more time drawing for that show because there are TONS of images I have in mind to include in the pieces, so it will be tricky to weave them all together. Just need to get the last NY piece done before I can fully move on to that show.

That's all for now : )

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Current Show

Distinction Gallery's Project 57 benefit group show will open August 9 and run through Septmeber 6th, but the auction starts today and ends on Saturday night. Above is my piece for the show (I've posted it here before, so it may seem familiar).
If you would like to bid, here is the link. Good luck! : )

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just a quick check-in, since I've been as swamped as the Everglades for these past weeks! Lots of exciting stuff lined up for beyond 2008, but more on that later. Right now I've finished two of my 5 pieces for Ad Hoc Art in New York, and I am half done with another two. So that leaves just one that I haven't started yet. The goal is to get them all done by the end of July.

I've finally gotten used to my new studio and I love it so much. I barely leave the house, and only this morning did I finally get a chance to take a walk in the woods out back. Relaxing, taking it all in, drawing everything. My sister took some amazing photographs, and the day was perfect for it-- chilly and overcast, so the photos have a crisp and powerful feel to them. Wish I had time to upload some, but I would end up posting all 200 of them. So full of energy right now; like the day's just started...

I think that's it for now, at least that's all I can remember! Gotta get back to some drawing now : )

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Post #100!

It really is my 100th post! Here's my piece for the Hi-Fructose show next Saturday at Copro Nason Gallery. It's one of my most detailed pieces ever, so I've included multiple views for some closeup action.

14" x 18"
Acrylic on wood.

Come on out to the opening! It''s an amazing lineup, you won't be disappointed.

This is a busy month: I will be working on my pieces for the Ad Hoc Art show, and I'm finally turning 22 on Sunday! I've also updated my website (or will be doing the next hour) with all my finished paintings to date.
I'll bet this post will be laid out funny. I still haven't figured out how to left-align my images and keep my text looking right. But who knows? I just may be lucky..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Juxtapoz feature

A HUGE thank you to Katie at Juxtapoz for this!!

You just made my millenium!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All Moved In

Only with this family is it possibly to move a 4-person household into a new residence in 2 days without a moving crew! haha, my practically non-existent muscles were pushed to their limits, but all for the best. We're comfortably settled in, (though we still have some things to unpack), and I've been feverishly working on my latest painting in my terrific new studio. I'm in almost complete solitude here, with the forest and mountains right outside my window, and I feel as close to a hermit as I will ever be. So lovely...coyotes, eagles, rabbits, birds, and all kinds of moths and night bugs that I never knew existed...this place is perfect!

Look what came in from the photographer's yesterday (there's a bit of the frame in the picture):

"The Widowed Bride."
12" x 16"
Acrylic on wood.
For Roq la Rue's 10th Year Anniversary Show!
Seattle, WA. July, 2008.
waiting list/sales:

Oh, and it's the last week and a half of my 21st year on this planet! (aka I'll be 22 soon) Moving here is the greatest birthday gift though : D

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just a snippet...

Finally finished my piece for Roq la Rue's 10th Year Anniversary Group Show. Here is a preview...I'm sending it out to get photographed this week, and will have a nice juicy jpeg later next week. A bit behind on my schedule because...the whole clan and I are moving THIS WEEKEND. Yup, excitement! And mayhem! Moving my studio will be a real challenge. I wish I could get a teleporting device that would transport me with desk, painting supplies and all. :P

Ah well.

Look out for Gallery 1988 SF's group show opening this Friday! Check out the sneak peek here!

Monday, June 9, 2008

"Red Matryoshka" 5" x 7"; Acrylic on wood.
for auction in August at Distinction Gallery

I finished this one last week, but I won't get it shot until next week, probably, so here's a preview. The panel has a 2" inch deep cradle, so I had some room to add more characters on the sides. I scanned the sides and photoshopped them in with the piece so you can see how it would continue if it were to lie flat. But please note that the piece will look most like the top image, haha. Here's the "extended" version:

Also got the drawing done for the Copro Nason piece and it is cray-zay, is all I can say. I think saying that it will have "a lot of details" would be an understatement! But now I can paint peacefully. It's all figured out : ) Here's to happy painting!

And on an unrelated note: 33 campeonatos. No nos alcanzan mas. El mas grande...lejos. What a fantastic way to celebrate this weekend and the next! Love it!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Quickie

I know this looks familiar, but I wanted to share the professional shot of it. ; ) Just shipped it off this morning.

Alllllmost done with my piece for Distinction Gallery (opening in August), and just about ready to start on the one for Roq la Rue. Was at a book convention last week (3 or 4 days) and also saw Wicked the musical (amaaaaaaaazing! can't say enough about it, so I won't even try, but it was funny, poignant, spectacular, and just absolutely unbelievable).
You thought May was busy? June just got busier! Weeee!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

At Last...

"Minnie the Moocher"
14" x 18" unframed; 23.5" x 28" framed
Acrylic on wood.

(Sorry about the image quality, but I sent it off to be photographed today.)

Finally finished my piece for Gallery 1988 SF! It was inspired by the Cab Calloway song of the same name. For those of you who've never heard it (you what are you waiting for?) here are the lyrics. Please do yourself a favor and listen to the Calloway version, because I don't think there can be a better version.

Hmm, each new piece I do feels like the most detailed one I've ever done, but maybe that's because I've been working non-stop on it. I'm quite pleased with how the colors turned out because I was clueless on this one when I started. I know this image isn't exactly doing it justice...been reading Anna Karenina on audiobook throughout, as well as a few shorter works on Norse mythology and other unrelated topics. And of course, Martin Perlich and KCSN are always keeping my afternoons in good company. : )

Up next: my piece for Distinction Gallery, and for Roq la Rue (I've started on the first, and have the drawing done for the second). And I should have my Illustration site updated today, if not by the end of this week (, with new work in the Publishing section of the art page.


Monday, May 12, 2008

My Next Show

"Everyone In Together" group show at Gallery 1988 San Francisco, opening June 20 and showing through July 21. (not my art on flyer)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"...And it has pictures in it."

This is a long post, as they often are, so I will refrain from writing an introductory sentence like this one.
In the past week I finished a 32-page dummy for a simple children's book that I wrote, listened to 6 books on philosophy and literature on audiobook, and worked on more drawings/paintings for the children's book illustrations that I referred to in my last post. Oh, yes, and I started on my next two paintings for group shows later this year. Here are some sneak peeks, with descriptions below each picture:

This one is for the charity/auction show taking place in the first week of August in San Diego at Distinction Gallery and Studios. There is a strong lineup in this show, and everyone will be creating something on a 5"x7" panel.

This is a small rough, but the painting is in actuality 14" x 18," and the frame adds an extra 4 inches to each side. So it's on the larger side, as far as my paintings are concerned! I'm really excited about this one; it's for the June group show up at Gallery 1988 San Francisco. I was supposed to do 2 or 3 pieces, but time is a cruel villain. Instead, I decided to go up in size and detail on this one, so that it will make up for my lack of quantity. Do not be surprised, as this happens often, but I might change her face at the last minute.

This is one of my favorite drawings from the 32-page dummy. The story is a simple counting book about a wizard who is afraid of all the weird things he has in his closet. Here, for example, he is confronted with 7 frightful trolls. I wish I had his closet! It's a lot less standard then a piece of furniture with clothes in it.

And I thought I'd toss a watercolor piece in here. Mind you, I'm a bold-color addict, so painting with 1% pigment and 99% water is not easy for me! I've been teaching myself watercolor for the past few weeks, and this one turned out to be one of my favorites. My take on Pinocchio and Geppetto, translated into pseudo-Balinese masks and shadow-puppetry. I had a lot of fun designing them.

And that does it for the obligatory post-of-the-week. I intend to continue painting, drawing, and making preparations for more paintings/drawings and stories for the rest of the 80 years of my life (yes, I hope to live to the ripe age of 101), so that will eventually make up for a quite many posts in the long-run!

Monday, April 28, 2008


My poor friend Uzeyer has been VERY patient, but his website is finally all done and ready for viewing pleasure. I worked on this thing every Sunday of my existence (as well as a couple of weeks here and there in '07 and early '08) since I met him last Fall.

Remember folks, websites are not my specialty. I've made one for myself before, but those were the only credentials he required (lol). So I gave it a go, and I'm glad I did. It was a lot of fun getting to know him during the process and becoming friends, and I'm pretty pleased with the result. There's a lot of info and content that I had to put up, so planning it was a bit tricky. Uzeyer approved and nit-picked every step of the way. He was really professional and has a sharp eye. : )

And of course, I couldn't have done the video section's pop-up window thing at all if it hadn't been for the amazing Noah Dziobecki! He took out some time from a hectic work week to help me with that, and I am eternally grateful(and so is Uzeyer)!

I don't have a fancy banner or anything though, so go here:

On other things...(Que pedaso de idolo va ser este pibe...)
Translation: "Mr. Walmart, I love you!" Well, not really, but pretty close to it :P This guy just made my weekend.

Penultimately: I will soon share the 12 drawings I've been working on this past week, as well as the three watercolor paintings that I finished. I still have to make a 32-page dummy and finish 9 more watercolors, but we'll worry about that later.

Lastly, I listened to Bob Dylan's autobiography, "Chronicles Volume 1", on audiobook, read by the unbelievable Sean Penn. I nearly jumped out of my seat when Mr. Penn began reading. He sounded uncannily identical to Dylan throughout the entire book. I highly recommend this book, either in print or in audio format. It's really a great piece of history at the same time as being poignant and poetic. Dylan really is a master with words. I die...I die...
Happy first day at your new job, B! <3

Saturday, April 19, 2008

In summation...

I know I've been M.I.A. lately (no pun intended), so here is a little peek into my mad little life as of late:

3 weeks ago: No we did not get to see the drop-dead gorgeous duo of Gillian Murphy and Angel Corella (see image), but we did see Paloma Herrera and Ethan Steifel, in the lead roles of ABT's Swan Lake, and it was an unbelievable performance! The costumes, set design, the dead-on technical ability of all the dancers (I'm not sure that the non-ballet crowd understands just how much strength, control, and concentration is necessary for what these people do)... the orchestra! The non-stop standing ovation was totally deserved. I enjoyed every minute.

Last Sunday (April 13): my sister and I saw the final performance of the Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble's fabulous production, "Fafalo!", in Santa Monica. It was absolutely priceless! Funny, ingenius, endearing, and was a ton of fun! And all 6 actors (who played 18 roles between them!) as well as the director/crew are flat-out incredible.

Went to Artwalk at the Hive the second Thursday of April, and met some wonderful people : ) Also got the button set for April's featured artists, which are still available: mine is on the top left.

This week we celebrated my dad's 63rd birthday!! Hooray for one of the greatest people in the world! <3>

I am reading Georgess McHargue's engrossing book "The Impossible People: A History of Natural and Unnatural, of Beings Terrible and Wonderful," and there is nothing terrible about it! This is one of the most intriguing books I've read in a long time, it's well-researched, well-written, and very inspiring.

I've been teaching myself pen-and-ink and watercolor, which has been a challenge for this girl that is used to pencil for drawing, and acrylics for painting. I've been writing out all the children's book-concepts and stories that I've accumulated over the last few months. Still have some editting and re-writing to do, but actually all I need for my portfolio is synopses, and just the text that accompanies the illustrations that I will include in the portfolio.

I've been sketching and getting new ideas for the next few group show paintings...and I am really excited about them...! I hope you are, too : )

And really, that's the not-crazy part of this past month that I can remember right now, so I'll get back to drawing. There's a lot left to do in these next 2 weeks! "See you later, croc-a-gator..."

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Featured Show Last Night

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the opening last night!! It was the most amazing turnout, I met so many incredible people and fellow artists, and it was just a ton of fun. Thank you to everyone who took the time to talk to me and to introduce themselves-- you are all fantastic! And to those of you who signed my mailing list book, thank you!! I will add you all!

Nathan, Suilma, and everyone who works there truly deserve every bit of the goodness of last night. They are amazing, and they give new artists hope in a career to do what they love more than anything. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me a chance.

My sister Barbra and my friend Arthur were partners in crime as they photographed a bit of what the opening was like. Pictures will be up on my flickr account soon, as well as photos of the installation that my sis and I took after setting it up. Thank you both!

Those of you who weren't able to make it but sent such sweet e-mails, you are fantastic too! Thank you for your support.

Until next time!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Goodnight, My Love...

"Blue Matryoshka"
5" x 7"
Acrylic on wood.
for Gallery Nucleus's "Power in Numbers 3" Group show.

Wow. This week. I finished this painting in two days, then my sister and I went to the Hive Gallery for two afternoons to set up an installation for my wall. When I post photos of it, I'll go into more detail about what she made, but let's just say that I probably would have a naked wall if it wasn't for her help on this! She made 99.9% of the installation possible!

It was therapeutic hanging the work on the walls and creating the space. It was equally therapeutic spending all of yesterday cleaning my workspace at home. I threw away dozens of old paintbrushes, tons of papers/drawings/junk that had accumulated under my desk, and I organized everything else. My desk is unrecognizable.

Then I spent the last few hours of the day drawing from photographs, something I haven't done in ages. I find that therapeutic as well, and it felt so good to practice rendering different objects with pencil. My sister and I have been listening to Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray," read by the incredible Michael Page. It is one of the best things I've ever read/been read. We have a couple chapters left I think...I can't wait for the ending.

So, the opening at the Hive is tonight, and I'm looking forward to having a wonderful time. It feels weird, because for months, I've been one of the group show artists, gawking at the huge featured artists' walls, and now I can't believe that I have one of those walls to myself. Nathan Cartwright was the first curator to offer me a featured show (this was back in July of last year), and I can't believe the day has finally come. He, and this gallery, have come to mean so much to me, so I wish them a HAPPY 3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY! They now have a fun DVD called Royal Jelly, and featured artist button packs (My Bo-Peep from the postcard will be in the set for this month), which they will be selling tonight and throughout the month. Also, our "Hiveland" portraits will be published in the first Hive publication, which will be a Field Guide to the "Denizens of Hiveland."
Are they cool or what?

Oh, and in case I don't come back here for another week (which is entirely possible), HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UZEYER! His birthday is tomorrow, and I hope he has a fantastic performance up in Portland, lots of fun, and love from family and friends!
Ciao for now.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Time for a Breather!

The preview for the Hive show is up on my website. Finished the final piece yesterday, so now what's left is framing and the last installation plans. It's going to be a fun show, so if you are in the area, be sure to drop by! : )

This weekend and next week, I will be working on a piece for a group show at Gallery Nucleus.

And tomorrow night my sister and I are going to the America Ballet Theatre's production of Swan Lake in downtown. I cannot wait! The dvd is amazing— costumes, set design, music, and of course the performances (Gillian Murphy is a goddess). Even though the main dancers will be different, I'm sure it will be fantastic. I am extremely grateful for these rare instances to see performance art live. Hopefully it will become a monthly or bi-monthly sort of thing. Keeps them creative juices flowing ; )

Until neeeext time...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I am completely in love with this man. Go see the Bob Dylan exhibition at the Skirball. It is so good!! I spent 3 hours there, and would have stayed longer, if not for the massive amount of guilt I felt at glancing at the time. I had a painting waiting at home...sheesh, it's like a kid that can't be left with a babysitter. But anyway, the exhibition made me fall so utterly in love with Dylan all over again, and really get an in-depth look at him (which I've never had a chance to have before). I wish they'd get around to doing something like this for the Beatles and then Tom Waits. Then my life would be complete.

Stayed tuned for the full Hive-show preview! I'm on the last piece (it's the one for the group show portion of April, but still as detailed and time-consuming as the rest! ;)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Where Does the Time Go??

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" 14.5 x 12.5" acrylic on wood. SOLD.'s long, long gone. I can't belive it's only two weeks until the opening of the Hive's 3rd year anniversary show! I never thought that I could get stuff done this fast. Here's a sneak peek at the piece that's being featured on the postcards.

Sometimes I wonder whether Otis really was that much work at all? hahaha, that's a good thing. Luckily, I got the brilliant idea to look into audiobooks, so I can accomplish twice the amount of work.. (my version of "cheating time"). It's addicting! I need more cultural outings, so I forced my sister to book us tickets to the Bob Dylan exhibition for tomorrow morning, just to get me out of the house. (What does fresh air taste like?) I'm really excited to see it...I've been waiting for weeks now, actually.! I guess I haven't posted work in a long time. Everything I do is for upcoming shows, and my sketchbook is a mess of chicken-scratched ideas for new paintings. Posting in itself takes away some valuable time. Suffice it to say that I'm really excited about the direction that my work is taking, and I am extremely thankful to have all these upcoming shows to fill paintings with these new discoveries.

I'm coming up with a technique for a schedule though, really. My problem is that I tend to paint until my eyes can't stay open any longer, but I've realized that breaks, outings, and the like are just as important as producing the work itself. If I force something into my calendar, I have no choice but to fulfill the engagement. Simple. And besides, a couple per month is good enough. I do think I'm solving problems a little faster too, in the drawing stage, and new ideas come before I'm even done with a piece.

Well. Now that that's out of my system! Color comps, here I come...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I put together a new website that will strictly house my gallery work:

This leaves for my illustration and commercial work. is on the simple side for now, design-wise, but it's functional, which is of more importance. So go check it out! : ) I added a link to it, here, in the "More of My Work Can Be Found Here" section--->

Ta for now!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last night was incredible! Great turnout, and I stayed a lot longer than I can usually manage, hahaha. Thank you so much for everyone who came out last night, thank you to those of you who took cards, and to those who took the time to talk to me. It was a pleasure meeting all of you, seeing faces, and seeing fellow Otis-grads again. And of course, thank you so much to those of you who bought pieces, and to LC and everyone with CF.

And now, the Hive show. Just finished another painting last night, minutes before leaving for the opening, in fact. So we continue! I've posted a lot more this week than I have in a while, but as always, work may take over my abilities to do so this coming month. Until next time...

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Replaced the header (the type has been bothering me for ever, and I finally got around to fixing it).

Cannibal Flower tonight! Drop on by and say hello. Hopefully will have photos from the opening soon.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

(Please excuse the strange layout of the images on this post!)

I wanted to take the time to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone in Corteo, and especially to my dear friend Uzeyer for this amazing gift that I will treasure forever. You guys made my millenium!

As some people know, I have been designing Uzeyer's website, for the past few months. (Uzeyer does an unbelievable ladder act in the Cirque du Soleil production, Corteo). I'd say the website is 90-95% finished, but I will put up the link when it's done.

As a thank-you, he sent me this beautiful sculpture, signed by about 60 different Corteo artists, most of which I've seen perform live, and all of whom I greatly admire. In these photos, I tried to capture as many of the signatures as I could.

Uzeyer is an amazing person in every way, and I am extremely grateful to have a friend like him. UZEYER: YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!
Much love to everyone in Corteo who signed this. You don't know how much this means to me!

To my readers: If you want to see something truly spectacular, go see Corteo live—they begin their run in Portland, Oregon in about a week. ( for more details).