Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I put together a new website that will strictly house my gallery work:


This leaves miaillustration.com for my illustration and commercial work. Art-by-Mia.com is on the simple side for now, design-wise, but it's functional, which is of more importance. So go check it out! : ) I added a link to it, here, in the "More of My Work Can Be Found Here" section--->

Ta for now!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last night was incredible! Great turnout, and I stayed a lot longer than I can usually manage, hahaha. Thank you so much for everyone who came out last night, thank you to those of you who took cards, and to those who took the time to talk to me. It was a pleasure meeting all of you, seeing faces, and seeing fellow Otis-grads again. And of course, thank you so much to those of you who bought pieces, and to LC and everyone with CF.

And now, the Hive show. Just finished another painting last night, minutes before leaving for the opening, in fact. So we continue! I've posted a lot more this week than I have in a while, but as always, work may take over my abilities to do so this coming month. Until next time...

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Replaced the header (the type has been bothering me for ever, and I finally got around to fixing it).

Cannibal Flower tonight! Drop on by and say hello. Hopefully will have photos from the opening soon.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

(Please excuse the strange layout of the images on this post!)

I wanted to take the time to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone in Corteo, and especially to my dear friend Uzeyer for this amazing gift that I will treasure forever. You guys made my millenium!

As some people know, I have been designing Uzeyer's website, for the past few months. (Uzeyer does an unbelievable ladder act in the Cirque du Soleil production, Corteo). I'd say the website is 90-95% finished, but I will put up the link when it's done.

As a thank-you, he sent me this beautiful sculpture, signed by about 60 different Corteo artists, most of which I've seen perform live, and all of whom I greatly admire. In these photos, I tried to capture as many of the signatures as I could.

Uzeyer is an amazing person in every way, and I am extremely grateful to have a friend like him. UZEYER: YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!
Much love to everyone in Corteo who signed this. You don't know how much this means to me!

To my readers: If you want to see something truly spectacular, go see Corteo live—they begin their run in Portland, Oregon in about a week. (http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/ for more details).

2 Days...

Quick post :
Here's the better photograph of this piece that I promised...and my website has been updated. Homepage, bio page, "gallery work" section of the art page, as well as info on availability for some of the pieces in the gallery work section. Oh, and I alphabetized my links so that they're easier to look through. ^^
Ta, for now.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Also Coming Up...

Both of the pieces that I submitted for La Luz de Jesus's annual group, "Everything But the Kitschen Sync," were accepted! Here they are, with titles, dimensions, and medium below each image. Scroll to the end of this post for complete venue information.

"The Mad Hatter's Boston Tea Party."
13" x 10" unframed; 17" x 14" framed. Acrylic on board.

"Painting the Town Red."
11" x 12" unframed; 15" x 16" framed. Acrylic on board.

"Everything But the Kitschen Sync"
SHOW RUNS: March 7- March 30, 2008
OPENING: March 7, 2008 from 8-11pm.
WHERE: La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywod Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Featured show at Cannibal Flower

The time has come for a full online preview of my 2-person featured show at Cannibal Flower! The show is one day only, next Saturday, February 23rd, in downtown LA. Scroll to the bottom of this post for complete venue information.

Title, dimensions, and medium for each piece is detailed BELOW the corresponding image. Enjoy!

"My Mind's Eye." 11" x 14" unframed, 19" x 22" framed. Acrylic on wood.

"Lingering Lullaby." 11" x 14" unframed, 19" x 22" framed. Acrylic on wood.

"A Silly Symphony." 18" x 13" unframed, 26" x 21" framed. Acrylic on wood.

"The Anteater Gentlemen." (left) 7.5" x 10"
"The Better to See You With." (center) 6.5" x 7.5"
"A Captivating Voyeur." (right) 7.5" x 10"
All are acrylic on wood.

"If Looks Could Kill." 8" x 20," from widest points. Acrylic on found wood.
(I promise to get a better shot of this piece! It will be up on my website next week, as will the rest of this work).

For price list and more information, please e-mail me at mia@miaillustration.com with "Cannibal Flower" in the subject line.

Cannibal Flower February Exhibition
SHOW DATE: February 23rd, 9pm - 1 am, only.
1018 S.Santa Fe Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90021