Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I am completely in love with this man. Go see the Bob Dylan exhibition at the Skirball. It is so good!! I spent 3 hours there, and would have stayed longer, if not for the massive amount of guilt I felt at glancing at the time. I had a painting waiting at home...sheesh, it's like a kid that can't be left with a babysitter. But anyway, the exhibition made me fall so utterly in love with Dylan all over again, and really get an in-depth look at him (which I've never had a chance to have before). I wish they'd get around to doing something like this for the Beatles and then Tom Waits. Then my life would be complete.

Stayed tuned for the full Hive-show preview! I'm on the last piece (it's the one for the group show portion of April, but still as detailed and time-consuming as the rest! ;)

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