Monday, April 28, 2008


My poor friend Uzeyer has been VERY patient, but his website is finally all done and ready for viewing pleasure. I worked on this thing every Sunday of my existence (as well as a couple of weeks here and there in '07 and early '08) since I met him last Fall.

Remember folks, websites are not my specialty. I've made one for myself before, but those were the only credentials he required (lol). So I gave it a go, and I'm glad I did. It was a lot of fun getting to know him during the process and becoming friends, and I'm pretty pleased with the result. There's a lot of info and content that I had to put up, so planning it was a bit tricky. Uzeyer approved and nit-picked every step of the way. He was really professional and has a sharp eye. : )

And of course, I couldn't have done the video section's pop-up window thing at all if it hadn't been for the amazing Noah Dziobecki! He took out some time from a hectic work week to help me with that, and I am eternally grateful(and so is Uzeyer)!

I don't have a fancy banner or anything though, so go here:

On other things...(Que pedaso de idolo va ser este pibe...)
Translation: "Mr. Walmart, I love you!" Well, not really, but pretty close to it :P This guy just made my weekend.

Penultimately: I will soon share the 12 drawings I've been working on this past week, as well as the three watercolor paintings that I finished. I still have to make a 32-page dummy and finish 9 more watercolors, but we'll worry about that later.

Lastly, I listened to Bob Dylan's autobiography, "Chronicles Volume 1", on audiobook, read by the unbelievable Sean Penn. I nearly jumped out of my seat when Mr. Penn began reading. He sounded uncannily identical to Dylan throughout the entire book. I highly recommend this book, either in print or in audio format. It's really a great piece of history at the same time as being poignant and poetic. Dylan really is a master with words. I die...I die...
Happy first day at your new job, B! <3


Anonymous said...

Hi Mia!!!! Its Jennifer from Otis, just thought I'd drop in on your site to see your progress, and tell you that I loved your work at the show and it was so nice seein ya!!!!! Your art is super nice ( not like it wasnt at Otis too) and keep up the good work...proud of ya girl..and nowim off to Brazil on July 14th to explore a bit and see what comes of that!

Mia said...

Hey Jennifer!! So good to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by, and have a fabulous time in Brazil! You'll be right next door to my home country (Argentina) so say hello for me, haha.
Best of luck to you and hope all is well.