Saturday, April 19, 2008

In summation...

I know I've been M.I.A. lately (no pun intended), so here is a little peek into my mad little life as of late:

3 weeks ago: No we did not get to see the drop-dead gorgeous duo of Gillian Murphy and Angel Corella (see image), but we did see Paloma Herrera and Ethan Steifel, in the lead roles of ABT's Swan Lake, and it was an unbelievable performance! The costumes, set design, the dead-on technical ability of all the dancers (I'm not sure that the non-ballet crowd understands just how much strength, control, and concentration is necessary for what these people do)... the orchestra! The non-stop standing ovation was totally deserved. I enjoyed every minute.

Last Sunday (April 13): my sister and I saw the final performance of the Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble's fabulous production, "Fafalo!", in Santa Monica. It was absolutely priceless! Funny, ingenius, endearing, and was a ton of fun! And all 6 actors (who played 18 roles between them!) as well as the director/crew are flat-out incredible.

Went to Artwalk at the Hive the second Thursday of April, and met some wonderful people : ) Also got the button set for April's featured artists, which are still available: mine is on the top left.

This week we celebrated my dad's 63rd birthday!! Hooray for one of the greatest people in the world! <3>

I am reading Georgess McHargue's engrossing book "The Impossible People: A History of Natural and Unnatural, of Beings Terrible and Wonderful," and there is nothing terrible about it! This is one of the most intriguing books I've read in a long time, it's well-researched, well-written, and very inspiring.

I've been teaching myself pen-and-ink and watercolor, which has been a challenge for this girl that is used to pencil for drawing, and acrylics for painting. I've been writing out all the children's book-concepts and stories that I've accumulated over the last few months. Still have some editting and re-writing to do, but actually all I need for my portfolio is synopses, and just the text that accompanies the illustrations that I will include in the portfolio.

I've been sketching and getting new ideas for the next few group show paintings...and I am really excited about them...! I hope you are, too : )

And really, that's the not-crazy part of this past month that I can remember right now, so I'll get back to drawing. There's a lot left to do in these next 2 weeks! "See you later, croc-a-gator..."

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