Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"...And it has pictures in it."

This is a long post, as they often are, so I will refrain from writing an introductory sentence like this one.
In the past week I finished a 32-page dummy for a simple children's book that I wrote, listened to 6 books on philosophy and literature on audiobook, and worked on more drawings/paintings for the children's book illustrations that I referred to in my last post. Oh, yes, and I started on my next two paintings for group shows later this year. Here are some sneak peeks, with descriptions below each picture:

This one is for the charity/auction show taking place in the first week of August in San Diego at Distinction Gallery and Studios. There is a strong lineup in this show, and everyone will be creating something on a 5"x7" panel.

This is a small rough, but the painting is in actuality 14" x 18," and the frame adds an extra 4 inches to each side. So it's on the larger side, as far as my paintings are concerned! I'm really excited about this one; it's for the June group show up at Gallery 1988 San Francisco. I was supposed to do 2 or 3 pieces, but time is a cruel villain. Instead, I decided to go up in size and detail on this one, so that it will make up for my lack of quantity. Do not be surprised, as this happens often, but I might change her face at the last minute.

This is one of my favorite drawings from the 32-page dummy. The story is a simple counting book about a wizard who is afraid of all the weird things he has in his closet. Here, for example, he is confronted with 7 frightful trolls. I wish I had his closet! It's a lot less standard then a piece of furniture with clothes in it.

And I thought I'd toss a watercolor piece in here. Mind you, I'm a bold-color addict, so painting with 1% pigment and 99% water is not easy for me! I've been teaching myself watercolor for the past few weeks, and this one turned out to be one of my favorites. My take on Pinocchio and Geppetto, translated into pseudo-Balinese masks and shadow-puppetry. I had a lot of fun designing them.

And that does it for the obligatory post-of-the-week. I intend to continue painting, drawing, and making preparations for more paintings/drawings and stories for the rest of the 80 years of my life (yes, I hope to live to the ripe age of 101), so that will eventually make up for a quite many posts in the long-run!

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prince of cake. said...

i want to see the big one. i like eye patch owl. so mysterious. i wonder how it lost it's eye.