Tuesday, May 27, 2008

At Last...

"Minnie the Moocher"
14" x 18" unframed; 23.5" x 28" framed
Acrylic on wood.

(Sorry about the image quality, but I sent it off to be photographed today.)

Finally finished my piece for Gallery 1988 SF! It was inspired by the Cab Calloway song of the same name. For those of you who've never heard it (you should...so what are you waiting for?) here are the lyrics. Please do yourself a favor and listen to the Calloway version, because I don't think there can be a better version.

Hmm, each new piece I do feels like the most detailed one I've ever done, but maybe that's because I've been working non-stop on it. I'm quite pleased with how the colors turned out because I was clueless on this one when I started. I know this image isn't exactly doing it justice...been reading Anna Karenina on audiobook throughout, as well as a few shorter works on Norse mythology and other unrelated topics. And of course, Martin Perlich and KCSN are always keeping my afternoons in good company. : )

Up next: my piece for Distinction Gallery, and for Roq la Rue (I've started on the first, and have the drawing done for the second). And I should have my Illustration site updated today, if not by the end of this week (www.miaillustration.com), with new work in the Publishing section of the art page.



Monica Grue said...

awesome! i love the hairs on the owl, so meticulous.

Mia said...

thank you monica! it was fun painting that owl. : )