Monday, June 9, 2008

"Red Matryoshka" 5" x 7"; Acrylic on wood.
for auction in August at Distinction Gallery

I finished this one last week, but I won't get it shot until next week, probably, so here's a preview. The panel has a 2" inch deep cradle, so I had some room to add more characters on the sides. I scanned the sides and photoshopped them in with the piece so you can see how it would continue if it were to lie flat. But please note that the piece will look most like the top image, haha. Here's the "extended" version:

Also got the drawing done for the Copro Nason piece and it is cray-zay, is all I can say. I think saying that it will have "a lot of details" would be an understatement! But now I can paint peacefully. It's all figured out : ) Here's to happy painting!

And on an unrelated note: 33 campeonatos. No nos alcanzan mas. El mas grande...lejos. What a fantastic way to celebrate this weekend and the next! Love it!

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