Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just a quick check-in, since I've been as swamped as the Everglades for these past weeks! Lots of exciting stuff lined up for beyond 2008, but more on that later. Right now I've finished two of my 5 pieces for Ad Hoc Art in New York, and I am half done with another two. So that leaves just one that I haven't started yet. The goal is to get them all done by the end of July.

I've finally gotten used to my new studio and I love it so much. I barely leave the house, and only this morning did I finally get a chance to take a walk in the woods out back. Relaxing, taking it all in, drawing everything. My sister took some amazing photographs, and the day was perfect for it-- chilly and overcast, so the photos have a crisp and powerful feel to them. Wish I had time to upload some, but I would end up posting all 200 of them. So full of energy right now; like the day's just started...

I think that's it for now, at least that's all I can remember! Gotta get back to some drawing now : )

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