Wednesday, September 24, 2008


To read the details, click that image. My bad for not making the type legible at thumbnail size!

For those of you patiently waiting for prints: your time has come! I'm releasing a very limited 20 each of these three pieces (media, size, & prices are on that flyer thing up there). I will not be selling these online, so if you want one please contact Gaston of Meltdown Comics: 1.323.851.7223 or

Oh, looks like I plunged into this without an introduction! Most of you probably know about this anyway, but for the record:
Otis College of Art and Design is turning 90 this year, and as part of the festivities, Anthony Ausgang has curated a group show of Otis alumni, opening on October 4th at 7pm, and showing for the entire month at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. As a proud alum, I will be showing these three prints at the show. One of each will be beautifully framed for the wall, and the remaining 19 unframed prints will be available for sale. Get on the waiting list for the two on the right though, because the unframed ones will be late for the opening (but they'll be there for the rest of the month).

A painting update: My Corey Helford paintings are underway and I am SO excited for this show! The theme is crazy and detailed, and I'm just having a blast painting these pieces. My hand has been behaving, but it's taking a while to get used to taking breaks, haha. Reading lots of amazing audiobooks, and keeping busy as usual : )

I'll leak the Ad Hoc pieces once I ship them to NY. Sorry for the delay!

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