Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stuff, and more stuff

"The Girl Without a Name" 7 x 7" Acrylic on wood.

Here is my latest painting (in fact the first one I finished in 2009 :), for the first group show I will be a part of this year. I will also have the drawing up for sale, which is also 7" square, but is graphite on brown paper. The show, "Movers and Shakers," is curated by Gino Joukar, and features 70 other artists (the line-up is downright jaw-dropping) at PovEvolving Gallery in Chinatown (LA, CA). The opening is on February 14, so celebrate Valentine's Day (or part of it) with us at the opening reception! If you are interested in this piece, the drawing, or in the limited edition box set of prints made especially for this show, then send an email to and ask to get on the preview list. They will send you a preview of all the art in the show, and I advise you to reply quickly when you receive it as to what you would like to purchase.

I'm currently working on the 5 paintings for my 5-person group show at Gallery1988 SF, opening March 6. I will have 2 8x10"s and 3 5x5" ones...then the pieces will get progressively larger over the next group shows.

Quite a few exciting things (hint: prints and publicity related) happening very soon, so I'll keep you in the loop. For starters, Infectious has added me to their roster of Featured Artists (thank you voters!!), and is offering my Snow White's Sonata piece as vinyl art for your laptop or iphone. They also conducted an interview with me, which you can read on my profile page there. Trivia: I tend to write essay-like answers to questions (I'm not very good at self-editing, and contrary to the common theory that I'm a quiet, withdrawn little pipsqueak, I am a notorious "babbler" when you get me going!) anyway, the poor interviewer had his work cut out for him in editing my answers to the point. Thanks, Joey! Sorry for the headache :)

Also, a huge, loving grizzly-bear hug to the dear Suzanne for writing about my CHG show in her glorious Wurzeltod blog back in December. And it's not that I forgot all of you, but I guess I didn't make the obligatory "new year" post, so: thank you to everyone who made my 2008 what it was, and for getting me where I am now in 2009! Special thanks to Nathan Cartwright, LC, David, Jan, and all the gallery owners who gave this nobody a chance, also to those of you who bought my work (thanks to you, each of my 2008 creations has a safe, new home now), to everyone who even remotely supported my work (and to those of you didn't, and in turn gave me the drive to hopefully prove you wrong someday!)...I'm leaving a lot of people out by name, but you know who you are, and I just want to take this little paragraph to say that I truly appreciate you all. I wish all of you good health, love, and happiness for this year!

That's it for now :)