Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Things to Share With Thee...

Here are my pieces for the Gallery1988 SF show, which opens next Friday (March 6th). As I’ve mentioned before, these are all small works, the largest being 8”x10” and the small ones 5x5”.

If you are interested in buying one, ask Katie to be placed on the preview list here: Once you’re there, she will send you an email with a link to all the art in the show (usually a week before the opening, so keep your eyes peeled) as well as all the buying instructions. Reply to that email, or call her within gallery hours (Tues-Sat, 12-7pm PST) to make your purchase.

The theme I chose for this show was witches. I defined them here as social outcasts who turn to magic and take refuge in different environments that create a barrier between themselves and the rest of the world. These environments are also potentially dangerous or frightening, which enhances their mystery.

Each color represents the witch’s environment: Black (darkness), white (snow), blue (sea), red (fire), and green (woods)…Oh, and the various symbols that you see on some of their foreheads, in pendants, or stones, are actual wicken symbols. I had a lot of fun with these, and could see myself expanding on this theme in larger works later down the line.

Am listening to some Stephen Sondheim tunes right now, and trying not to inhale the fumes of these freshly varnished paintings. Perfect atmosphere for a color comp… ha. Yep, you heard it: this next painting is begging for a color comp because it’s so big and full of stuff. Yipe!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Stormy Weather! and some other things

Had a great time Saturday night at the Movers and Shakers show, seeing familiar faces and meeting new people : ) Thanks so much to both of you who bought my pieces, and to Arrested Motion, Hi-Fructose, Daily duJour, and Sour Harvest for posting about the show!

My next two shows run back to back in San Francisco on March 6th, and LA on March 7th. There's a slight chance I'll make it to both, but I'll let you know, SF, if I am going. I’ve finished the work for those and am getting them photographed as I type here, so I’ll post them up as soon as I get jpegs back. For now, here is the evite for the G1988 SF show I’m in. Mine is the image on the bottom left.

A few more things here: these lovely people helped spread the word about my G1988 print…Creep machine, Daily duJour, and of course G1988.

I can now be found on beinArt Surreal Art Collective.

And, my Snow White piece is now available for 3 different styles of ipod via Infectious! They also share my design on the homepage product slideshow, which is nice :)

Ok, so I'm both scared and excited to get started on this next painting (for April at Copro Nason), as it'll be my largest ever (24" x 36"). It's a dark and rainy morning, and I'm off to work on some ideas for this monster...we'll see what's what.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Print

So finally some of the exciting news from the last post-- my first print release with Gallery 1988 San Francisco! For those of you who liked this piece, here is your chance to own a print which is the size of the original, and beautifully printed like all of Gallery 1988's prints are on heavy stock velvet somerset paper.

"Anatomy of a Somnambulist"
12 x 16"
Limited Edition of 25.
$100 each.

The print sale starts on Tuesday, February 10th at the San Francisco location. If you are interested, please call or email the gallery (415) 409-1376 or

On a separate note, many thank you's and kudos to the art-blog Paintalicious for featuring my art last month. Several people emailed me saying they saw my work there for the first time, so thanks!! I can also be found on the NeoSurrealism site under 'Fine Art'.

Lastly, don't forget that next Saturday (14th) is the "Movers and Shakers" show where I will be showing the piece I shared in the last post, and the drawing of it as well. Carpool with your friends and join us for the opening, it's going to be a blast!