Monday, February 16, 2009

Stormy Weather! and some other things

Had a great time Saturday night at the Movers and Shakers show, seeing familiar faces and meeting new people : ) Thanks so much to both of you who bought my pieces, and to Arrested Motion, Hi-Fructose, Daily duJour, and Sour Harvest for posting about the show!

My next two shows run back to back in San Francisco on March 6th, and LA on March 7th. There's a slight chance I'll make it to both, but I'll let you know, SF, if I am going. I’ve finished the work for those and am getting them photographed as I type here, so I’ll post them up as soon as I get jpegs back. For now, here is the evite for the G1988 SF show I’m in. Mine is the image on the bottom left.

A few more things here: these lovely people helped spread the word about my G1988 print…Creep machine, Daily duJour, and of course G1988.

I can now be found on beinArt Surreal Art Collective.

And, my Snow White piece is now available for 3 different styles of ipod via Infectious! They also share my design on the homepage product slideshow, which is nice :)

Ok, so I'm both scared and excited to get started on this next painting (for April at Copro Nason), as it'll be my largest ever (24" x 36"). It's a dark and rainy morning, and I'm off to work on some ideas for this monster...we'll see what's what.

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