Saturday, May 16, 2009

So, a few things.

Been really busy with the Corey Helford show...these are going to be some pretty detailed pieces and I'm doing some new things this time with composition on some and subject matter in others, so I'm a bit psyched. Unfortunately, I won't be doing 8 pieces like I said a while ago...we'll see how many I can crank out, but there will be a 24" x 36" piece for sure. The drawing for it is all done, and I'm set to start that one in a couple weeks. Finishing up the first piece right now, and then I'll knock some of the smaller ones out of the way...

So, now for some news.

First off, UK-based Dangerous Ink magazine did a 2-page spread on me in their latest issue! Here is a scan of it.

Unfortunately, most people know me as just "Mia", so there will be some confusion with DI using my full, un-condensed name "Michelle Araujo." Also, they linked my student-work website, If you found this blog though that info, I encourage you to visit my gallery work website (the one I update the most often)

Next, A Paper Tiger will be releasing a 16.5" x 24" print of my "Inventress" piece! Full details on this jpeg I put together, so click to enlarge, if you are interested in picking one up.

I'll post a reminder on facebook, and send an email to my mailing list on the release date. I had a great time hanging out with the Paper Tiger folks last week, and met the amazing Melissa Haslam too. :)

Finally, I just want to thank the lovely Zoe, who made a meticulous analysis of my work on her blog. I'm always fascinated to read other people's interpretations, so thanks Zoe for taking the time to share this on your blog.

I'll post some drawings in a few days, but right now I'm off to paint. xxx


zoe said...

wow! thanks for linking to my blog! i am glad you were pleased with the post. i mirrored it on my imeem page (/bicicleta), and your work was really popular :)
can't wait to see your new paintings!

Mia said...

sure thing, thank YOU! :)
xxx, mia