Thursday, June 18, 2009

My next show

"An Ocean of Memories" 22" x 15.5" Acrylic on wood. Model: Natalie Shau.

This is one of the main pieces for "Riddles in the Dark", which is my next show, opening July 25th at Corey Helford Gallery. It's a 3-person show, and Dave Burke and Sarah Folkman will be showing with me. I will only have about 5 pieces: the medium piece above, a big 2' x 3' one, and some smaller pieces. Please email Jan to get on the preview list if you think you might like to pick something up:

This is a past due thank-you, but Melissa Leslie was nice enough to offer featuring me on her website. Some more cool stuff is coming up...stay tuned! Also, I promise I'll explain this show a bit when I have some more images to share.

In the meantime I am slated to finish my work for the CHG show just in time for this. So I can't wait.