Thursday, June 18, 2009

My next show

"An Ocean of Memories" 22" x 15.5" Acrylic on wood. Model: Natalie Shau.

This is one of the main pieces for "Riddles in the Dark", which is my next show, opening July 25th at Corey Helford Gallery. It's a 3-person show, and Dave Burke and Sarah Folkman will be showing with me. I will only have about 5 pieces: the medium piece above, a big 2' x 3' one, and some smaller pieces. Please email Jan to get on the preview list if you think you might like to pick something up:

This is a past due thank-you, but Melissa Leslie was nice enough to offer featuring me on her website. Some more cool stuff is coming up...stay tuned! Also, I promise I'll explain this show a bit when I have some more images to share.

In the meantime I am slated to finish my work for the CHG show just in time for this. So I can't wait.


Tom said...

I know Melissa! That's cool of her to feature you. I'm friends with Daniel mostly, her bf. Cool peeps indeed. Looking forward to seeing your pieces soon!

mr arthur said...

youre having a show in july? damn im probably going to be out of the country... well... good luck with the show! i will probably have to make do with pictures.

SB said...

Hey Mia...
Looking forward to your show as well!

Mia said...

hey tom, small world innit? :) thanks!

mr arthur: buummmmer...:(

sb: sweet, thanks! :)