Friday, July 24, 2009

Come and say hello :)

The CHG show opens tomorrow night, and there will be a print available of my largest piece in the show. Enlarge the pic above for details. I'll post everything with a little blurb abut each this weekend, but for the meantime you can head over to my website or flickr to see the works.

Couple more things...the awesome Andrew Michael Ford recently did an interview with me and it was posted on Juxtapoz and Daily duJour. Arrested Motion also previewed and recommended my show. Thanks!
Ta for now..


Tom said...

I can't wait to see your new pieces. I'm sure they'll be more amazing than your last show. See you Saturday!

Mia said...

hi Tom, sorry I missed you :( I got stuck in traffic hell and got there at 8. But I hope you liked the show!
xxx Mia

Lady Lavona said...

I'm a huge fan of your artwork! I just wrote a lil' something about you on my blog...I know my readers are going to flip their lids!

love & magick!
xo Lavona

zoe said...

so, are you going to post your little blurbs? :)

Tom said...

Yea I was a little bummed but it was my fault for getting there early! Guess I was anxious. There's always a next time! Amazing pieces had up =) My favorite would have to be the Big one with the Blonde girl. My mind went to a far away place as I was staring at it for quite a bit before people got upset for me being in front of it for so long. The boy piece was a very close second though. You're going to be so famous I wouldn't get to meet you again!

Mia said...

thanks Lavona, I plugged you back :) love your stuff!!

zoe: ta-da! sorry for being so slow!!

tom: aw, please forgive me :( and i won't be famous as far as i know, so you'll have plenty of time to meet me again!! glad you liked the big one so much, and the boy piece, so cool to hear people's fav's :)
xxx, mia