Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Little things

"Spirit Gatherer"
7" x 7"
Acrylic on wood.
Inquiries here: contact@lebasseprojects.com

This is the second piece I will have at the New York show. As I said in the drawings post, this one was inspired by Mariee Sioux's Native American imagery, and I had a lot of fun weaving all the little details in the small space available on the panel. Working so big lately gives me a new respect for the challenge of little pieces! I'll miss doing them.

Time constraints = this one and the 3'x4' will be the only ones in this show for me. For those of you who are local, mark your calendars for the opening: Saturday November 7th, 7-11pm. We will be in the Lower East Side, exact location details will be available here as soon as I get them. Hope to meet some of you there! :)

Update on the 3'x4' piece image: Been under-the-weather this weekend, so I'm a bit behind. But I have a whole load of process pictures that I'm trying to get together to post with the final image all in one entry. If it takes too long to do that, maybe I'll post the final with some details shots and later compile the process pictures separately. I want to share it with you already! ^_^

Lovely rainy day today...hopefully it will rain a little more for me tonight before it leaves us dry again.


zoe said...

sorry you've been sick! i hope you're feeling better now...the painting is beautiful, as always. there *are* so many little details, and i love those cloud creatures and the lovely crimson color...
can't wait to see the post on the 3x4!

Tom said...

Hope you feel better soon! This looks incredible. So much darker than what I'm used to but this is one to impress Marie Sioux. This is so wonderful!

Heidi Alamanda said...

OOh, you're still feeling sick? feel better soon, Mia.
I can't believe the details you put into such a little painting. Pretty!
Are you going to be at the opening?
I'll be there (fingers crossed). I'll drop by and say hello if I'm not feeling too shy.

andrealynn said...

This is incredible! I love staring at your paintings you have thought out so many details, I'm in awe. Crummy to hear you not feeling well, hope you feel better soon