Saturday, December 5, 2009

Some new dark works...

The Bride of Frankenstein
16” x 20”
Acrylic on wood

“Judith & Holofernes”
12” x 16”
Acrylic on wood.

7” x 7”
Acrylic on wood.

Here are a few overdue commissions I finished right after I got back from NY. For the top one, the client wanted a Bride of Frankenstein portrait, so I based it on one of the Bride's most famous photos and played on a mix between a wedding and a funeral for the mood.

For the second one, the client wanted a 'gothic' piece, so I did an extra dark take on the Judith and Holofernes story. I wanted to represent the King's decapitation in a different way than we see in most representations, so I had a stand-in statue for him being overgrown with flowers.

The last one was inspired by a photo of my friend Mariana, who let me use her self-portrait as a springboard for a little hunter-witch portrait. :) Since these are already sold, they will be shown in a special 'small wall' feature at the Hive Gallery, the gallery that gave me my first show. My sister put together an amazing installation for my wall that I helped her put up last weekend-- I'll take pictures and post them soon! It really adds to the dark feel of these pieces. :) Opening is tonight from 8pm to 12:30pm, details here. Hope to see some of you there!

My next show is another LA show, coming up in March at CoproGallery. Details on that soon, but I'm planning to go back to some larger pieces for that. Stay tuned...


zoe said...

very beautiful paintings, mia! the bride of frankenstein one is exceptional!

Maria Rozalia Finna said...

wow, your productivity is amazing, not to mention the imagery.

Jimmy said...

I'm in love with your beautiful art! Keep up the good work Mia. /J

Mia said...

thanks so much, you three! :)

lastword said...

this is a truly unique interpretation of Judith. i am adding it to my narcissistic blog ( on Jan. 30. Thanks!