Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Real Quick Bit of Cool

This still sounds to me like an excerpt from a fairy tale but last month, I was part of a super-cool photo shoot with some amazing artists...for Juxtapoz Magazine's June Issue article on the "Art from the New World" exhibition.
I still can't believe I was in the same room as Mercedes Helnwein, Korin Faught, Joe Ledbetter, Gary Baseman, Coop, Sarah Folkman, Mike Stilkey, Jason Shawn Alexander, Josh Petker, Carlos Ramos, Van Arno, Brandi Milne, KMNDZ, Greg Simkins, Travis Louie, and Lola (that is roughly left to right). Here is an excerpt of the article written up about us:

The issue (#113) is out now, so be sure to grab a copy!


CMF said...

I am so glad that I discovered your artwork. Having recently stumbled across your gallery page via some random link on some random site, I have now stumbled across your blog.

Your work inspires me to visit my own canvass with a renewed and enthusiastic vigor. Thank you for your contributions to the world of images and ideas.

Mia said...

Thank you so much for visiting and for taking the time to leave this nice comment! Glad I could be of service to a fellow artist :)