Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've been taking micro-breaks to sketch during long painting days. One of my next pieces will include dozens of antique perfume bottles in the composition. It was fun and actually quite therapeutic to make those little studies. The floating head in the top sketch is an idea for a drawing series, and the other stuff was just for fun.


Michelle Chipres said...

I love Love Love Antique Perfume bottles. I had such a wonderful collection till my mother threw them out = (

Gary Geraths said...

Can I adopt you Mia? We can just wander around every day and draw and paint. Your talent is limitless. The geezer hangs his head knowing he has been bested by the young upstart whippersnapper

zoe said...

oh, please, please, those monkeys?? they are awesome!

Mia said...

my heart hurts for your collection, Michelle :(

Gary: That would be a dream come true to roam the world with 'adoptive dad Mr. Geraths'! But really, it would take me decades to come close to your infinite jedi knowledge, dear sir.

zoe: Your wish is my command :) This is not the last you'll see of them!