Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sketch dump

My CHG show is coming up fast and I'm painting around the clock, but I wanted to share some sketches from the past months. Some of these were done early in the process of working on this show, so it was kind of fun for me to pull these out again. Notes about each beneath the image:

Sketching from reference for background elements for my 4'x3' piece.

A sketch of what was either an amazing photograph that looked like a painting, or an amazing painting that looked like a photograph. There's a sculpture figure in the background, from a different photo.

More sketches from reference, for the 4'x3' piece.

Some rough ideas for one of my smaller CHG pieces...I'm actually painting the final version of this one right now!

Trying out some new pencils and graphite sticks while watching a civil war documentary, flipping through my reference, and watching my sister pick which books to pack...

Sketching my sister as she sketches and falls asleep, on different days.

Doodles that I did in my sister's moleskine while waiting for Joanna Newsom to come on at the Orpheum Theatre (which was a massive dose of inspiration!).

Back to work...closer than ever, now!


nati said...

Wonderful pencils!

Mia said...

thanks! :)

susie said...

thanks for the inspiration im in a rut and need to get out. i love your work and its not something i say often

Mia Araujo said...

hi Susie, thanks for the kind message. As the great Glen Keane once said, being in a rut is a good place to be- it gives you permission to go out and explore the world; discover new things. Or something to that effect :)