Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why, hello...

2010 Sketchbooks.

I've been swamped lately, and trying to be more efficient with my time, so a quick hello! While clearing away my work space, I uncovered a pile of sketchbooks that I finished over the past 6 months, and thought I would share them with you. I'm nearly finished with another one, and scribbling away at three others, while working on all 4 of my upcoming Roq la Rue paintings, which are in various stages of the process. It's all quite wild.

But anyway, a quick shout out to some of the press that covered my CHG show:

Arrested Motion - preview and opening night coverage.
NBC Blog
Juxtapoz - Sneak Peek and opening night coverage
Coates and Scarry
Creep Machine

And to any of you that I missed, it's all hugely appreciated!

In honor of All Hallow's Eve, a big belated thanks to Odette for sharing the Bride of Frankenstein piece that I did last year, on her blog Wicked Halo. She posted a wide variety of artists' takes on the famous Bride. Another rendition that you should check out is one that my friend Tom Bagshaw did recently - it's absolutely gorgeous!

I like this photo-post thing, and I think I will do another soon...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Process Shots

Tomorrow is the last day to catch my "Seeing is Believing" show at Corey Helford Gallery (hours: 12-6pm), so I thought I'd share some process photos that I took of some of the pieces. My next show is set for February 2011 in Seattle, and come to think of it, I won't have another painting in an LA show until July 2011 (thanks to a quirky schedule and my snail's pace). So in a way, Angelenos, this is your last chance to catch my work in person until then! :)

(post-its on the big piece = to-do's for the day)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Opening Night

Here are some photos from the opening! Huge thanks to everyone who came out, and of course to Jan, Bruce, Sherri, Sarah, and the whole CHG team. It was a night to remember :)

All quiet on the front, before gallery doors opened...

Crowd shot.

with Korin Faught and her amazing paintings

with Luke Chueh, Brandi Milne, and Lola.

with Jason Shawn Alexander, Chantal, Korin, Lola, and Brandi.

all photos by Sam Graham.