Friday, October 15, 2010

Process Shots

Tomorrow is the last day to catch my "Seeing is Believing" show at Corey Helford Gallery (hours: 12-6pm), so I thought I'd share some process photos that I took of some of the pieces. My next show is set for February 2011 in Seattle, and come to think of it, I won't have another painting in an LA show until July 2011 (thanks to a quirky schedule and my snail's pace). So in a way, Angelenos, this is your last chance to catch my work in person until then! :)

(post-its on the big piece = to-do's for the day)


Anonymous said...

I love the uniqueness of this painting and your other pieces. You are obviously very talented and have a unique sense of person. I really have had a nice time exploring your blog and feel blessed to have stumbled upon it. I will definitely become a follower.
Nemo x

Mia said...

thanks for the kind words, Nemo! :)