Friday, January 28, 2011

Remembering the Challenger

25 years ago today, the Challenger disaster took place. Even though I wasn't born when it happened, I feel moved by the story every time I hear about it. My piece "Between the Shadows" was inspired by the sacrifices and loss that explorers (and those left behind) must endure in order to open the pandora's box of discoveries that the universe offers us. In the detail above, the names of the Challenger crew appear on the headstone near the astronaut figure. Never forget.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Suggestivism and Seattle, separately of course.

Here is some more info on the Museum exhibition that's coming up the above show invites to see opening reception dates and times, as well as venue address. Also, the exhibition catalogue book will be available towards the middle of the show run, not at the opening, but it's going into Gingko Press's next catalog and 2011 season of items for release. Very exciting :)

Oh, and Seattle residents: please come by the Roq la Rue opening on the 11th to say hello. Turns out I'll be there in person after all!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello, 2011. Nice to meet ya.

Here is what I've been working on for the past month or so...

Of course I'm quite a ways farther on them now than when these were taken (otherwise I'd be in serious trouble), but I can't share just yet ;) But sheesh, it's been about a month since last I kicked over here! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays, the New Year's parties, and all that jazz. I wasn't too sad to see 2010 leave (that's quite an understatement actually), so suffice it to say that the accursed year is gone and I am hopefully making the first post of a much better one!

Before I go off and burrow away for the next month, here is what is on my schedule to start the year off:

• “Suggestivism” Group Museum Exhibition, curated by Nathan Spoor. Grand Central Art Center. Santa Ana, CA. February 5 - April 10, 2011.

• "The Secret Keepers", 2-Person show alongside Brian Despain. Roq la Rue Gallery. Seattle, WA. February 11-March 5, 2011.

• “Eau de Parfum” group show. Dorothy Circus Gallery. Rome, Italy. February 25-April 16, 2011.

Explanations in more detail:
My 'Four Seasons' painting from 2008 will be on view with permission from its owner at my only Museum show this year-- the "Suggestivism" Group Exhibition curated by Nathan Spoor. It's quite a lineup, and I am very honored to be a part of this incredible event. The curators have also put together an exhibition catalog/book that interviews and showcases every artist in the show! More info to come on how and where you can get one.

"The Secret Keepers" is the name of my portion of the 2-Person show happening at Roq la Rue next month. I will be sharing the gallery with the wonderful Brian Despain, and I will have 4 new paintings (the two above are included in that lot) on show there. Also, there's still a chance that I might be there in person at the opening (keeping my fingers crossed), so it should be exciting!

And last on that list for now, is a group show at Dorothy Circus based on the theme 'perfume' - my "Eau de Parfum' piece will be there with permission from its owner, so those of you in Rome can see my work in person for the first time :)

And that covers it! I may pop up every week or so to divulge a few more process things and further info about these shows, but I will otherwise be completely married to my easel for the next few weeks. So until next time, dear reader...