Monday, February 21, 2011

News and an Interview

Just wanted to share the most recent interview I did with Hasan Niyazi for his art and art history blog, Three Pipe Problem. I have to say that this is my most in-depth interview in explaining the meaning & iconography of my work, largely due to Hasan's thought-provoking questions! He did a wonderful job putting this together, and was also verrrry patient to get these answers, so many thanks are in order :)

For those of you in Rome, my 'Eau de Parfum' piece will be up at Dorothy Circus Gallery for their group show opening this Friday, along with some amazing artists like Martin Wittfooth, John Brophy, and Ana Bagayan. Italy, I hope to meet you myself someday! ;)

In other news, I've been crashing and burning a bit lately, and chose to pull out of the Hi-Fructose group show this time around. It's times like these that I am infinitely grateful for people like Kirsten Anderson, who let me participate in her Lush Life group show (May 2011) instead. So more on that in a few weeks :)

I've decided to spend this week drawing, prepping the next pieces, working on some drawing commissions, and hopefully experimenting with different media, as a way to wind down the stress levels. In spirit of said drawing-forecast, I predict a sketch-dump here in a couple days...stay tuned!

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H Niyazi said...

Hello Mia. Thank you for doing the interview for 3PP. It was extremely well received by my readers and a great honour for me personally!

Looking forward to keeping up with your amazing work!

Kind Regards
H Niyazi