Sunday, February 13, 2011

Seattle trip in pictures

A full 24 hours in Seattle, come and gone *le sigh* but here are a few memories!

with Kirsten Anderson, who is just as awesome in person as she was in my imagination!

with the incredible Mr. Despain and his work.

Dj Man - love his specs!

Some quiet gallery shots, post-opening.

I would -kill- to have this view every day!

View from the plane.

Huge thanks to Kirsten for making this trip possible, and to everyone I met and hung out with while I was there - you all made my time there fantastic! I adored every minute. So surreal that it went by so fast, but here I am plunging into my next works on a typical Monday morning...:)


Sunny said...

Seems like a super amazing show!

I wish I can see these gorgeous paintings in person~!:D

Mia Araujo said...

thanks Sunny, if we could get my jetpack idea into practice, you'd be able to! ;)