Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"The Secret Keepers" images

In keeping with the invisibility theme of my last show, I focused this time on secrets and how they often define us more than what our visible traits suggest about us. Secrets are the source of mystery, and why people are not who they seem to be.

"Bluebeard" 18" x 24" Acrylic on wood.
Based on the fairy tale by Charles Perrault.

"Siren's Song" 14" x 18" Acrylic on wood.
My take on the the Triple Goddess- presiding over the ocean depths.

"The Spectre Bridegroom" 9" x 12" Acrylic on wood.
Based on the story of the same title by Washington Irving.

"Snow in Summer" 9" x 12" Acrylic on wood.
Based on Jane Yolen's early 20th Century-Appalachian reinterpretation of Snow White.

“The Secret Keepers” opens alongside Brian Despain's show this Friday at Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle. The show runs until March 5, 2011. If you are interested in any of these, please email Kirsten here:

And I promise one of these days I will sit down and write more in depth about the symbolism and concepts in each of now to see how much work I can get done for next month's 'Hi-Fructose' piece before my Seattle flight! ;)


Tom said...

This is such an amazing series! Wish I could see them in person. I love the level you're taking your art these days. =)

Mia Araujo said...

thanks Tom!! Great to hear from you and glad you like them :)

Federico said...

These are beautiful; I especially like how the backgrounds are brimming with detailed little faces and figures. Is it possible for me to use your Bluebeard artwork to illustrate a blog post I will be writing shortly? You will be credited, of course!