Friday, April 22, 2011

March - April sketchbook

I just finished this sketchbook today. Here are a bunch of 'master copies', reference drawings, and gestures. I'm trying to get back into figure drawing for real, after years of feeble attempts. I'm sick of being insecure about my favorite thing in the world to draw! I also noticed that I mostly sketch with pencil - the one marker page on here is proof of how uncomfortable I am with other media. You can hold me accountable then, to my resolution to try different media in the next book. There, we'll see if I keep to it!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Interview + What I'm up to

Here's an interview I did with Empty Kingdom a couple weeks ago...check it out!

Also, thought I'd fill you all in on what I've been up to lately...was working for the past month or so on a new painting for Roq la Rue's 'Lush Life' group show, which has recently been rescheduled to now I have more time to work on it! I've since switched gears to begin a couple of new pieces:

-the first will be a drawing (similar in style and presentation to the 'Inle' show piece) for Strychnin Gallery's 'Enchanted Forest' group show, which will benefit the World Wildlife Foundation in honor of this being the International Year of the Forest.

-The second will be my largest piece of the year, a 24" x 36" painting for Corey Helford Gallery's 5-Year Anniversary Group Exhibition and celebration! Very excited for both of these pieces.

I'm also wrapping up a drawing commission-triptych, which turned out to be a lot more complex than I had first imagined. I'm really excited about how it's turning out, as I started over on it quite a few times. Hey, some pieces are trickier than others!

AND...I received a letter from Spectrum announcing that 3(!!) of my pieces were accepted into their 18th annual. These two will be in the 'unpublished' category:

"Two Spirits"

"The Priestess"

...and the third makes it my first time being in the published 'Book' category:
"Snow in Summer"

This painting is the cover image for Jane Yolen's upcoming young adult novel 'Snow in Summer', a 1930's Appalachian Snow White story coming out this fall. The publishing company was kind enough to let me exhibit it at Roq la Rue in February.
And now, back to my disappearing act!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

An image-heavy post, I warn you.

I may have missed the opening and the second reception, but I sure made it to the closing reception of 'Suggestivism' last weekend! Grand Central Art Center is a gorgeous space, and was packed all night! Here are some photos that my sister took :) I'm honored to be included amongst instructors, friends, and heroes in this incredible exhibition.
Reunited with 'The Four Seasons' after nearly 2 years.
Close but no cigar...the sign by my piece says that it's oil on board, but don't be fooled- 'tis acrylic on wood!

Alex Gross.

Bob Dob.

Greg Simkins.

Todd Schorr's stunner was difficult to shoot because of all the people crowded around it all night.

Nathan Ota.

Naoto Hattori.

Femke Hiemstra's gorgeous 'Funeral of a Ghost' was kinda hard to capture because of the glossy sheen. It's one of my favorites of hers ever.

Elizabeth McGrath.

Kris Kuksi.

The crowd here looks deceptively small compared to how it really was all night!

And last but not least, you can now cover your gadgets with artwork from the show, thanks to Gelaskins! Limited Editions, available for Ipod Touch, Iphone, and the Ipad, at the Grand Central Art Center store. Here are mine (for Ipad) and Femke Hiemstra's (for Ipod) along with a show card. The show closes on April 17th, 2011.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Costume sketches and...Spectrum!

My sister and I caught the tail-end of LACMA's "Fashioning Fashion" costume exhibition last weekend - a spectacular collection of 18th century to early 20th century clothing. We were there for over 3 hours, and I sketched of course! Perfect way to spend a late Saturday afternoon.

Below are some reference sketches that I did of old Russia just for fun:

And, I ventured outside a couple weeks ago to sketch this view of my neighborhood:

If you made it this far, you get to know the bit of news that just made my week: I got accepted into Spectrum 18! You can find me in the 'A' part of the list :) As of a few months ago, I decided to go by 'Mia Araujo' (pronounced 'uh-raw-ho'). Always bugged me a bit that I had no last name to a name! Will share which image made it soon as I find out for myself!