Friday, April 22, 2011

March - April sketchbook

I just finished this sketchbook today. Here are a bunch of 'master copies', reference drawings, and gestures. I'm trying to get back into figure drawing for real, after years of feeble attempts. I'm sick of being insecure about my favorite thing in the world to draw! I also noticed that I mostly sketch with pencil - the one marker page on here is proof of how uncomfortable I am with other media. You can hold me accountable then, to my resolution to try different media in the next book. There, we'll see if I keep to it!


Process Junkie said...

I love the whole thing!
Nothing to be insecure about.

mo said...

i love that you post the sketches. it's like getting a look in the back room, so to speak.

Mia Araujo said...

Hey thanks for the encouragement, Alberto :) Means a lot coming from you!

Mo: Great to hear you appreciate the sketch posts! I love other artist's sketchbooks myself- it's always exciting to see what they are doodling in between finished works.

Coven Mystic said...

Beautiful work Inspirational to see another person's work thank you for sharing