Friday, July 15, 2011


Here's a little photo-tour of a couple things I was featured in lately:
I'm part of the 'Rising Stars' encore feature in Issue 71 of Imagine FX.

the Rising Stars feature in which we all urge you to submit your work...if you're 25 and under that is.

My copy of the new Suggestivism book by Gingko Press arrived this week! There's a signing at Comic-Con next Saturday at the Hi-Fructose booth, and one at the Grand Central Art Center (I'll be there...) in August. Stay tuned for more on that!

This is how my 'Four Seasons' piece looks inside...

My interview pages and studio shot by Kevin Knight. 53 artists total, each being interviewed and providing a photographic glimpse into their studios!

There are also exhibition photos inside...nice.

Huge thanks to Nathan Spoor for curating and letting me be a part of Suggestivism, and to everyone who made the book possible from design to production. It's gorgeous!
That's all for now! I've been doing some oil painting studies for the first time and will share once I have a handful of them photographed :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

'Zero to Sixty' 5-Year Anniversary Opening Night

Here are a few shots my sister took during the opening reception of Corey Helford's 5-Year Anniversary show! Had an incredible time and enjoyed meeting and speaking to everyone who stopped by that night. Am also honored that my piece was included in LA Weekly's list of '10 KickAss Paintings from the Show'. For more coverage and photos of the other works, please see the following links: LA Weekly's slideshow, Arrested Motion, and Daily duJour.

How my piece looked framed.

with my model Carrie, who brought me the most amazing macaroons!

with Lola.

with Mari Inukai.

Working on my solo show now! Slated for May 2012...and I have a few new and exciting things that I'm behind on sharing. Soon!!