Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oil Studies

I decided to dabble in oils for the first time this summer (I worked with water-soluble oils in my second year of art school, but never with the real thing!). If you follow me on facebook you may have seen my first attempt, a study from a fashion catalog:

Next, I tried a more simplistic approach with a random image:

Here is an oil study for one of my solo show pieces that I am currently working on in acrylic. It got a bit choppy and thick, but it was valuable practice. (The final piece will not have candles with dodgy halos in it, mind).

And here are a few 2 1/2 hour model paintings from Ignat Ignatov's class, which I took a few months ago. All are 12" x 16":

There's so much to improve on with these, but the important part is that I had a lot of fun with a foreign medium. I also think that my acrylic work is definitely benefiting from everything I learned here. If you ever get the chance, take Ignat's class- he is a terrific and encouraging instructor!

And just to keep them all together in the same post, I'll repost my last oil study (an attempt to go thicker with the paint on a smaller canvas), after Howard Chandler Christy:

Working on a piece for Roq la Rue's 'Lush Life' group show right now, which opens next month...stay tuned!


stella im hultberg said...

i never took classes so i probably should and learn some real techniques.
i'm also going back to oils this fall/winter, at least for studying and having fun purposes!
these look amazing though. wow!!

Mia Araujo said...

thanks stella! i'm in awe of self-taught artists- i always feel lost with a new medium, so it was nice to see at least one instructor's technique and to have weekly practice. still so much to learn!

there are so many amazing oil painters on your coast! maybe you could drop by if they're having model-painting sessions and swap techniques?

Steve said...

Hey there,
I found your blog through a Google Image search for some Edwardian reference. Fantastic stuff! I work in comics as a digital artist, and I'm in awe of people who can rock the traditional medium as well as you can. I'll definitely be coming back here to check out your art often.

Mia Araujo said...

welcome, Steve! thanks for the comment, and I'm glad the sidetrack from Edwardian reference was an enjoyable one :) (One of my favorite historical eras, that one is!)

Chanp said...

Hey Mia, good meeting and talking to ya this past weekend. Great studies, looking forward to see more work, i've just added your blog to my blogroll!

Mia Araujo said...

Hey Peter, It was great meeting you too! I enjoyed our conversation very much :) Thanks for the add- will add you as well, I really dig your work! xxx