Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Print Release Details...and a Giveaway!

Finally- print release details! "Sleeping Sickness" will be available in 2 editions on Thursday, December 15th at 1PM PST at my webshop:

Since this is the first time that I am releasing my own prints, I've decided to do two editions- a larger-sized, more 'collectible' piece with a small edition size...and a mini print with a larger edition size, for those of you who just want this image on your wall. Read on for pricing, exact sizes, etc:

 Pretty sure most of you can imagine how big the large print will be, so this is the image size of the mini-print. It will have a wider border on each side though: 

And here is the fan appreciation part! I've decided to give more people the opportunity to win a mini-original from me, and just as before, randomness shall be the judge.

Every 5 five orders, I will choose a number at random, and include a free mini-sketch with the winner's order. 1-5, 6-10, 11-15...all the way up to 75, a number will be selected within each batch. So there will be 15 chances to win on mini-print orders (75 divided by 5 is 15...), and 5 chances to win on large-print orders (25 divided by 5...well, you get it!).  In total, 20 mini-sketches will be awarded.
I will leave it a surprise, so if you win, you will know when you open your package. Limit 2 orders per customer (in case you are getting a gift for a friend and one for yourself...but please stick to this guys, or I shall be cross).

Below are some of the mini-sketches that I will be giving away...they measure roughly 3 1/2" x 4 1/2", graphite and white pencil on toned paper:

Check back here on Thursday morning for a reminder, or follow me on facebook and twitter!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Coming soon!

Proofing the upcoming print release...pricing and release date info soon! The lame phone pic will have to do for now ;) Busy, busy!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Lush Life 3" Group Show

"Requiem (For the Damaged)"
22" x 30"
Acrylic on wood.

Above is my new piece for Roq la Rue Gallery's 'Lush Life 3' group show, opening this Friday. Below are some detail shots:

There was a lot on my mind while I painted this, so if you're curious, read on:

This piece is dedicated to all people who create during times of social upheaval, war, natural disasters, or any other kind of turmoil. Even though I don’t live in a war-torn country or in the wilderness, fighting each day for survival, I ingest hundreds of stories and perspectives during the course of one painting, in the form of news commentary, political interviews, military documentaries, and podcasts on history, psychology, and anything pertaining to the human condition. It can often become harrowing to listen to all of this while trying to create something that has beauty, magic, and hope.

This is what I imagine it must be like for a creatrix like Demeter or any other embodiment of mother nature, who is destined to create for eternity, while the world responds with death, darkness, and destruction. I wanted to capture the melancholy of a goddess that has come to this realization and ponders her fate and that of the world, the ghosts and demons, the dying and the living. The red stream of fabric in her hands represents life blood- she holds it to her chest with her right hand, as it slips through the fingers of her left. There is a powerful paradox between life and death, between creation and destruction, and though she understands the importance of her role in the balance of the universe, there is a sobering acceptance of the grim reality in her gaze.
Death is everywhere, but so is rebirth and magic, which springs from the darkness of the unknown, from the heart of the cosmos, and makes life worth living, or at least a bit more bearable.

If you made it this far, you get a bit of news: I will be releasing prints of  'Sleeping Sickness' (below) sometime next week, with the option to purchase as a large-sized print or as a mini print. There will be free mini-sketches included with select orders. Check back here, follow me on facebook, or on twitter (@mllemiaaraujo) for updates on that score!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Spectrum 18

My copy of the latest Spectrum annual came in the post this week, so here are some snaps of my entries- excuse the glares! It is a rather glossy book.

Fantastic cover art by the great Jean-Sebastien Rossbach!

"Snow In Summer," my first accepted entry in the 'Book' category!


"The  Priestess" in the 'Unpublished' category.

"Two Spirits," in the final spread of the 'Unpublished' section!
And super-honored to be printed opposite Michael Whelan.

Also this week, I finished my painting for Roq la Rue Gallery's "Lush Life" group show, which opens next Friday in Seattle. It's a bit different from what I've done before, and a good 'preview' of what my solo show pieces will be like. I will share images sometime next week, so stay tuned...