Friday, January 6, 2012

Postcard Set

Hope everyone had a lovely end of the last year! I'm working like mad, but thought I'd take a breather to let you know that postcard sets are now available to order here at my online store. They are only $4 each + free shipping. Details below:

 You will receive all of the above postcards.
One will be signed at random.

Two of the cards have images on both sides (above). The other two have text on the back.
Phone numbers and old email addresses on those are defunct, by the way ;)

Free shipping on all orders via USPS first class mail. (International buyers have the option of adding tracking for an additional cost). Here is the fancy blue envelope you will receive, snugly enclosing your order!

Sketchbook stuff (and maybe some sneak peeks and process stuff) soon...but now, the easel beckons!


Chanp said...

Postcards looks awesome! Great photos :)

Mia Araujo said...

hey thanks, Peter! :D