Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sketches and studies

Here is a sketchdump of a bunch of stuff I've been doing on the side over the last couple months. Drawing comes more naturally to me, so whenever I need to take a break from painting, I like to do studies like this. The first several are large-sized drawings done on newsprint, the last 5 are from my sketchbook.
And yes, the lighting in these photos is a tad too warm- apologies!


Stephen Cefalo said...

Beautiful sketches.

Bahar said...

these sketches are really amazing! do you use a reference to draw them?

james alexander said...

Love the classical nature of your sketches.
Everyone needs style but there's no substitute for old fashioned skill.

Mia Araujo said...

thanks, all!

@Bahar: yes, I use photo reference, models, or sculptures for all my studies. Just training my eye to observe the nuances of forms :)

@James Alexander: I wish I had known this while I was at art school- style isn't about the way your drawing looks per se...but more about your own personal taste and decisions. Your natural way of drawing is already a style, and it becomes more refined with knowledge and your personal evolution.