Thursday, March 1, 2012

Solo the date!

     Quick post so you can mark your calendars...and here is the first super-washed out progress pic that I can share from my new body of work, to be unveiled in just over two months at Corey Helford Gallery! This is a detail from one of the larger pieces in the show.

And now, back to work!


Chanp said...

Congrats on this! Wish i could be there, all the best. :)

Dona Kaila said...

AMAZING! Congratz, love :) You are truly are an amazing artist, and I am sure this show will blow everyone away.

davidgoughart said...

My wife introduced me to your art Mia, and looking through your gallery's-I am so glad that she did. Exquisitely beautiful work, congratulations on your forthcoming shows, you deserve every success.

Mia Araujo said...

thanks so much all, for the kind words! :D

@davidgoughart: Please pass along an emphatic 'thank you' to your wife for sharing my work with you! So glad you're enjoying it:)