Monday, February 3, 2014

And the winner is...

Congratulations, Jasmine! 

And a huge thank you to the 250+ entrants who shared their love and support in the form of likes and comments on instagram, facebook, and my blog. I copied and pasted each name into a doc, printed, cut out each name, and drew a winner the old-fashioned way, to make sure it was completely fair :)

Keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways in the near-future, and thanks so much again for helping me pursue my dream!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fan Appreciation Giveaway!

Upon cleaning out my studio last weekend, I came across some old drawings- this one is from 2011, for a ‘Watership Down’ themed group show, and still has my notes on it!
So I’ve decided to do a giveaway in honor of all of you fans that have kept me going since then.

Simply leave a comment on this post, like or comment on the facebook post, or the one on instagram (@mllemia) by February 1st 12pm PST- I will pick a winner at random and contact you via private message if you win : ) One entry per method, please! Each entry will count towards your chance (so you have a maximum of three chances to win).

Good luck, and thanks so much for your support!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hasan Niyazi (1975-2013)

I want to take a moment to share a very special painting 
that I had the chance to create last year, for one of my 
most ardent fans, Hasan Niyazi. 
Sadly, he passed away last month, far too young, at 38.
I am so humbled to have known him, albeit briefly and 
across oceans, and will always regret never having had 
the chance to meet him in person. 

Hasan described himself as an amateur art historian, but 
he was as passionate and knowledgeable about Renaissance 
painters (especially Raphael), as the professionals. 
He reached out to me for an interview in 2011, and I had 
the pleasure of answering some of the most interesting 
and thoughtful questions of any interview I'd accepted. 

He'd never bought an original painting before, but wanted 
to start his collection with a piece from me- a true honor.
His commission request was unique, as it was the first 
time a client asked me for a painting of himself done in 
the renaissance style. 
I was a bit nervous as it was way out of my comfort zone, 
but in the end he loved what I did with it, and I was 
happy with the results as well.
So in celebration of his life and love of Renaissance 
portraiture, I will share his inspiration for this piece 
and a bit of the process.

Every element in this piece had personal significance to 
him, and was specifically requested, so I had to compose 
them in the most practical way to fit the basis of his 
inspiration, this painting which is rumored to be 
Raphael's self portrait:

-Hasan wanted his likeness in Renaissance garb, and 
offered styling suggestions by providing example 
paintings of the period.

-The hills near his house, the view from those hills 
of the city skyline, bushy trees, and what he called the 
'magical looking dead tree' near his house, all were very 
important to the picture.


-His two cats, Astro and Kimba make an appearance.

-The ring on his finger and the Rose of Sharon, are both 
for his beloved partner of 12 years (which I placed 
near his heart).

-He even wanted a subtle Star Wars reference, and 
provided a piece of concept art of Jabba's Palace.

-The brooch on his hat bears the image of Aphrodite, 
as a reference to Cyprus, the birthplace of his parents 
and the Greek deity.

-He also sent me a photo of sunset clouds near his home, 
that I adapted into the piece.

-It was certainly a challenge, and I had to scrap the 
painting at one point and start over completely, as I 
had lost the freshness in the first attempt. But it was 
all worth it, to hear his overjoyed response upon seeing 
it finished and in receiving it early this year. 

Here is my second attempt at the painting, still in 
the rough stage.

            The final piece. 
                 7" x 7"
            Acrylic on wood.
I still can't believe I finished this painting a year ago 
today, and it makes me very sad to know that he left us 
all so soon. One of the last messages I received from 
Hasan was a tweet telling me how lucky he felt to own an 
original piece of mine, and that he counted it among his 
most prized possessions.

A photo of the portrait, framed, and hanging on his 
bedroom wall.

Here's to you, Hasan, wherever you may be. 
You will be missed. 

And to his loved ones and family, I wish you strength 
and much love.
A very special thanks to Sharon for granting me permission
to make this post.

Monday, September 16, 2013

1xRun Release of 'Forest Healer'

Hi guys!
Please forgive my lack of updates- I've been up to quite a bit
since my last post.
But most importantly, I'd like to share that tomorrow 1xRun and I are releasing two print editions of 'Forest Healer', at noon EST/9am PST.

You can choose between a limited hand-embellished edition, or a standard edition, both are the same size, and only available for 10 days here:
Standard Edition
Hand-Embellished Edition

1xRun prints sell out rather quickly, so be sure to follow those links if you want to get in on the action! There will also be a couple of originals available for purchase- just scroll down when you get to this link if you're interested.

I'm going to share some new works in my next post, so keep your eyes peeled ;)
Mia xxx

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Works

 I have some new small originals for sale, including the Arya study for my Game of Thrones piece! I've been working on a top secret project for the past couple months, which is where most of these pieces came the meantime you can snag them while they last at

12" x 12"
Acrylic on wood.

This past weekend, I was happy to be a part of Corey Helford Gallery's 'Art Collector Startup Kit' Group Show. Each artist created a 12" x 12" piece to be offered at lower price points in order to encourage new collectors to pick up an original from their favorite artists. If you are interested in my piece (above), please contact or

More soon!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Game of Thrones

‘Porcelain, Ivory, Steel.’ 16” x 20.” Acrylic on wood.

Forgive the delay, but I've had a flurry of different things going on the past few months, some of which I'm still unable to share right now. But today I can finally unveil my contribution to HBO and Mondo Gallery's ‘Game of Thrones’ group exhibit, opening March 8th at SXSW in Austin, TX.

It was a dream come true and an absolute thrill to paint so many of my favorite characters from my favorite show on television..all with HBO's approval!

Below are some of my sketches and studies done in preparation for the piece, back in January. I finished the piece in February, so you can imagine how long I've been dying to share it with you ;)

For those of you near Austin, the opening reception will be from 7pm-10pm on the 8th, and the show runs til March 12th. Do take photos and share them, if you go! More about the show here:

 For inquiries/sales please contact
Or view their website after the show opens, for the preview page.

More from me soon!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Updates, updates!

"Secrets of the Deep"
8.5" x 14"
Acrylic on wood.

It's been a long time since I've posted here- my apologies! I've been juggling a lot of things these past few months, and honestly facebook, instagram, and twitter are a bit easier for me to update than this here blog. But I will do my best to get back on the ball here :)

Above is my most recent piece, which was part of Copro Gallery's 'Anomalies' group show curated by Jon Beinart. My 'Feral' study (below) will also be in Tokyo at Shinjuku Ganka Gallery
starting tomorrow, Friday the 15th, as a part of the 'Hivezilla' group exhibition, curated by Nathan Cartwright!

"Feral" study
6" x 9"
Graphite on paper.

Other than that, I am currently focusing on commissions (which I will be sharing as I finish) and small originals that I will be posting for sale on my bigcartel store. So be sure to check back there often for new things!

In other news, I have revamped my website! It is no longer flash-based, and can be viewed on all mobile devices and ipads. Sheesh- it's about time! I also recently joined deviantart and behance- so be sure to follow, if you are on either of those sites.

I'm overdue for a sketch dump- so that will be in a future post!
Until next time...
be swell!